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"I was very pleased with the service from Keybanks the staff were excellent with helping me going forward to move house. Anthony and Tanya were great keeping me up to date with all the correspondence that we needed to know and feedback from people viewing our property. I would highly recommend

Keybanks to anyone looking to sell there house. This was truly a excellent service and a and a credit to Neil and his team.
Thanks again for making it so easy! "

"Dear Neil,

I should have sent this to you earlier than now, so my apologies...

You will be aware that you recently handled the sale of our property, on Lydford Road in L12 and may I take this opportunity to thank you for the very professional service that was provided to us, from once our property went on the market, right through to the completion of the sale, we couldn�t fault you, in any aspect of your service.

Our previous experience of using Estate Agents (within your immediate vicinity) was disappointing to say the least, so it was refreshing to receive a service, that delivered exactly what it said it would do.

You provided us with constant viewings, provided us with up to date viewers� feedback, without the need for us to chase you, to get them and once we found a buyer, ensured any issues that we may have had with the sale, were resolved straight away, to ensure the sale proceeded quickly and to the our specified completion date.

We would certainly recommend your service to other prospective sellers/buyers"


P & R Cullinan

"I put my property up for sale in April 2010, I invited 3 well known Estate agents to value my property and selected one of the top names in the market as I was bought in by the sales pitch. From April 2010-March 2011. I did not get many viewings and of the ones booked in only half showed up and of the half that showed I had to chase up feedback. I was less than impressed with the service I received as I felt that I was just 1 of a large number of clients and no personal service was provided at all.

I decided to change Estate agents in April 2011 and again invited a number of estate agents to value my property. I decided to go with Keybanks as they where relatively new to the market and had much more of a personal approach from the first meet.

From the point of moving to Keybanks I had regular viewings which were confirmed by text on the day of the viewing. I had the right people directed to my house who wanted a house of my size and type in my area, which was followed up with good feedback.

From April 2011 � July 2011 I had 3 offers on my property the first 2 unfortunately fell through due to finance problems. During this period I can only describe myself as an estate agents worst nightmare, I had found

a house that I wanted to purchase which was up for re-procession and was desperate to sell sooner rather than later. I called constantly for updates even though I knew that Keybanks would call me straight away, and even though I was a pest (admittedly) all members of Keybanks where very patient and made me feel like my sale was their priority.

Eventually the sale of my property went through and I can�t thank everyone at Keybanks more for their dedication, commitment and professionalism. I already have and will continue to recommend Keybanks to anyone looking to buy sell or rent a property.

I would like to wish Keybanks all the luck in the future and thank again for everything."


J Lawrence

"Dear George

I thought it was about time, that I showed my appreciation, for your efforts, acting on behalf of Keybanks, in regards to the sale, of the above two properties.

You will be aware, that before yourselves, I had dealt with a number of so called " established agent's," who in general, and from what I saw, were only concerned with their own agenda's. Customer service, was nowhere to be seen, they knew very little about selling properties, in fact, if they could of given the properties away, and still retained their fee, I am sure they would of done so !

How refreshing therefore to come across yourselves ( Keybanks ) maybe the new kids on the block, but for me the jewel, in what has become a somewhat, reviled industry.

All that I have seen from yourself and Neal ( the owner, ) has been positive, not only are you both highly professional, you are also enthusiastic and efficient. On each occasion, that I have called your office, I have spoken to a delightful young lady, who should also be praised not only for her telephone manner but also the diligent way, in which she goes about her duties. I spent thirty-two years working for a number of very large organisation's, at a very senior level, so I am well versed in the customer service industry. I therefore have no qualms, about recommending your services to any of my family friends or even my colleagues.

Customer Service is all about going that extra mile, something Keybanks do extremely Well !!!!! The key to success, should you want to bank on a sale, can be summed up in one word " Keybanks " with your sign on the front of a property, the vendor simply cannot fail.

Thanks again for all your efforts."

M & A McKay

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